Anyone who has stopped smoking will tell you that stopping smoking cigarettes is all to do with the mind. The mall is located at the south end of the famous Third Street Promenade

Animals that wear boots Chhouk the orphan elephant(See video above)Now roams the forests of cambodia with a prosthetic louboutin uk boot.Chhouk was found severely malnourished and missing his front left foot, likely due to a run in with a poacher’s snare. Wildlife rescuers fitted the asian elephant with a prosthetic, and now he’s back on his feet, thanks to the conservation group wildlife alliance.Photograph by karen moxley/cbc When the young birdcame down with the condition, zookeepers at thecalgary zooin canada encased her flippers in beer cozies to protect her feet until they healed.Fastened with duct tape christian louboutin shoes and zippers, the booties come with an endorsement by carlsberg the brewery that donated the material.Cheers to penguins! Akemi with her life partner(Right).Photograph by karen moxley/cbc An international team of scientists recentlyoutfitted dung beetles with silicone bootsas part of an experiment to find out how the african insects handle the savannah heat, which canreach 140 degrees fahrenheit(60 degrees Celsius).The pet duck sports boots made of purple neoprene, the material used to fashion wetsuits.Duckie’s owner used to take him on long walks down san diego’s beaches, wrapping his feet in duct tape to prevent hot sand burns, the huffington post reported. But locals were worried that the duct tape would hurt the bird’s feet, not to mention his street cred.So the folks at surf ‘n’ sea custom wetsuits fitted duckie with tiny booties fancy footwear for webbed feet. Forget puss in boots.Accessorize your porker with some snazzy shoes, and they’ll be the talk of the farm.Teacup pigs are so small when they’re born weighing only 9 ounces that they can fit into baby booties.But if you live in oklahoma, playing dress up with swine is off limits.According to state law, it’s”Illegal to have the hind legs of farm animals in your boots,”The examiner reported. What other animals have you seen wearing boots?When she visited the great wall of china in summer 1899, sarah pike conger, wife of the us minister to china, watched with fascination as a herd of pigs being driven from the mongolian to the chinese side, destined for market in beijing, all wore leather boots, hundreds of them.These were to keep the pigs comfortable en route to the city in the plains below.Mrs.Conger admired this not merely because she saw it as excellent animal husbandry because healthy and happy animals would fetch more than ill and sore ones but most of all because it gave the lie to stories she had heard about chinese Cruelty to animals.After all, she wondered, if some chinese were cruel, was Cruelty a trait unique to them and no other people? ”Cruelty”Sarah observed,”Is a dark thread woven into the fabric of every nation, not some more than others.Winter killing off stinkbugs?Witness the first ever successful snow leopard kill caught on camera weird purple frog seduces females from undergroundthis will shatter your view of apex predators:How wolves change rivers indonesia announces world largest sanctuary for manta raysif the shoe fits:Animals that wear bootsamazing pictures of see through fish4 sky events this week:Venus at dawn and gemini double jewel boxstrange”Fairy rings”In seafloor explainedyour shot pictures:More albino and oddly white animals
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